The Serendipity of the Internet (Vol. 1) #TSOTI

Kola Superdeep Borehole
The deepest reached 12,262 metres (40,230 ft; 7.619 mi) in 1989, the deepest human-made hole on Earth, and remains so as of 2024.

The Woman Who Spent Five Hundred Days in a Cave
Beatriz Flamini liked to be alone so much that she decided to live underground—and pursue a world record. The experience was gruelling and surreal.

The Everglades Jetport was doomed by sonic booms
There’s A Relic Runway From America’s Failed Supersonic Future Hiding In The Everglades, a failed Boeing supersonic airliner and environmental protests.

Estonian politician’s unpleasant haircut goes viral
Rain Epler is an Estonion politician on the far right. His hairstyle transitioned from an insouciant “Boris Johnson” mop to “Playmobil Aryan” over the last few years and everyone in the rest of the west has suddenly noticed and begun discussing the semiotics of it.

Mysterious dodecahedrons of the Roman Empire
The first of many dodecahedrons was unearthed almost three centuries ago, and we still don’t know what they were for.

Behind the sets and props of Netflix’s The Crown | Bonhams The Crown Auction
Set Decorator Alison Harvey and actors Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West reveal the process behind making The Crown’s environments feel real and believable.

This is a lit of random and interesting, strange, curious, weird things i’ve found on internet, the biggest inspiration comes from “13 Things I Found on the Internet Today” from Messy Nessy the rest is just random stuff.

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