Fans claim Finnish Eurovision contestant Käärijä was ‘robbed’ of win after wild, crowd-favorite act

Swedish singer Loreen snagged the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest trophy Saturday but many viewers felt Finnish pop star Käärijä should have.

Käärijä, who is considered a genre-defying artist, came in second after an energetic performance to the song, “Cha Cha Cha.” The performance, featuring ballroom dancing, a vibrant neon green bolero jacket, and an abundance of wooden pallets, was a glorious spectacle that will not soon be forgotten by Eurovision fans. It did not, however, win him the first place prize. After tallying all the votes, Sweden emerged victorious with 583 points, followed by Finland’s 526 points and Israel’s 362 points in third place.

On social media, Käärijä’s fans assert that he was “robbed,” unofficially deeming him the “people’s winner.”


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