Italy, Where Being a Showgirl Is Preferred to Leadership (or a Path to It)

Berlusconi’s Influence Where Relatively Few Women Work, Never Mind Run Big Businesses

* Even though women are the majority of university students, showgirls are the top role models for young women in Italy, opinion surveys show.

* And the minister of equal opportunity, Mara Carfagna, is a former showgirl as well as a 1997 Miss Italy contestant.

* Carfagna, as well as several other showgirls-turned-politicians, was promoted by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who made his fortune promoting TV shows that often featured showgirls or similar titillating material.

* All this in the country with the lowest female labor participation in the EU.

* Only 2% of top management positions in Italy are held by women.

* The Berlusconi TV model is widely seen as having shaped Italy’s contemporary society, and the journalist and former TV news anchor Lilli Gruber told NPR that feminism and solidarity among women are out of fashion.

Fonte: Women-Omics

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